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What is A-PVP Crystal?

A-PVP is a recreational drug which as initially synthesized in the 1960s. It belongs to the “bath salts” family because it bears similarity with the bath salts and also disguised to be so. A-PVP drug belongs to a group known as the substituted Cathinones, which includes compounds such as MDPV, Hexen, and a-PHP. Boehringer Ingelheim patented this drugs during the 1960s.

Different forms or types of A-PVP?

A-PVP is available in crystal forms.

What are other brand names, street names of A-PVP Crystal?

Other street names of A-PVP crystal are as follows:

  1. Gravel
  2. Flakka
  3. Niff

Where to buy A-PVP Crystals?

You can purchase A-PVP Crystals from our online store. We ship the product worldwide.

How do A-PVP Crystals work?

A-PVP operates by acting as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It doesn’t function as a transporter substrate, i.e. it does not cause the neurotransmitters to be released.

What are the uses of drug A-PVP Crystals?

The A-PVP Crystals are used for recreational purposes. It is usually eaten, snorted, injected, or vaporized in e-cigarettes. The person who takes this drug feels a medium-lived cathinone-like dis-inhibition and stimulation with a noticeable euphoric “rush” element on handling it.

What are the short and long-term effects of A-PVP Crystals?

The physical effects of A-PVP crystals are enumerated below:

  1. It can make you feel energetic because of its stimulating action and cases you to engage in activities such as running, dancing, and climbing. Also, positive effects can be noticed on involuntarily physical shingles and quivers
  2. Sexual stimulation occurs because of the increase of one’s sense of touch to extreme level
  3. The blurriness of vision may occur because of the spontaneous movement of the eyeballs back and forth fastly, leading to a lack of concentration which is referred to as nystagmus
  4. Appetite suppression can occur because of the strength of rush
  5. High blood pressure may occur because of injecting A-PVP or intaking its vaporized form. This leads to an “exploding heart” sensation.
  6. Increase in the heart rate with chances of fainting.
  7. The occurrence of dehydration or dryness of mouth occurs because of androgenic activity and increased heart rate. Engrossing in arduous physical activity is needed.
  8. Though it is necessary to prevent dehydration especially during the hot season, there are chances of facing trouble with water intoxication because of over drinking. So it is advised to sip water and remain conscious of the amount of water intake.
  9. On coming in contact with some body parts, the drug has the potential to make it numb, such as the gums, mouth, nostrils, and urethra.
  10. When the doses of the drug are increased, it leads to problems while urinating, which is usually temporary,
  11. Experiencing a headache
  12. The occurrence of muscle cramps.
  13. The occurrence of fretful legs.
  14. Vasoconstriction occurs when the drug is taken in higher doses, which is similar to that of methamphetamine and amphetamine.
  15. Teeth grinding also occurs but it is less intense as compared to that of MDMA.
  16. When the drug is abused, the seizures are reduced in some people.

The Cognitive effects of the A-PVP include:

  1. A euphoric sensation can be felt because of the release of dopamine and serotonin rapidly.
  2. Acceleration of the thought process.
  3. Occurrence of disinhibition
  4. Improvement in immersion
  5. Enhancement of focus which bonds the person to a work no matter how insignificant it is.
  6. Inflation of ego may occur as the drug can stimulate the states of egomania at its peak extent for a temporary period.
  7. The occurrence of anxiety and intense paranoia can if the drug is consumed in immoderate amounts. This effect is similar to that of cocaine, or methamphetamine
  8. Libido increases just like its precursors MDPV and Pentedrone.It
  9. results in states of intense sexual arousal because of its powerful dis-inhibiting effects.
  10. There is an increased music appreciation.
  11. There is an improvement of analysis. This effect usually falls out at lower doses and gradually becomes more damaging with the increase in the ingestion of this drug.
  12. It improves the motivation level by giving short duration states of intense motive. Since this has cognitively narrow facets of its action,
  13. it is rarely transformed into a productive act.
  14. The person taking this drug gets highly inclined to compulsive redosing which is also termed as neurotic redosing.
  15. A rare effect of this drug, when taken in higher doses, is feelings of impending fate. It may also happen during the comedown of splurges.
  16. The person feels time distortion in which he experiences time compaction. The sensed experience also enhances.
  17. The element is illustrious and is easily generated into psychosis if it is ill-treated for longer durations.
  18. Watchfulness of the person increases.
  19. The person also experiences auditory distortion or auditory hallucinations.

What are the after-effects of taking this drug?

The impact of the drug that occurs during the offset of the stimulant experience is more negative and uncomfortable compared to those occurring during its peak. This effect which is referred to as “comedown” occurs when the neurotransmitter depletes. The common effects included in this are:


2.Suppression of appetite

3.Cognitive fatigue


5.Dream potentiation

6.Sleep paralysis


8.Motivation suppression

9.Thought deceleration


A-PVP Crystals Overdose:

The overuse of this drug can lead to serious consequences or even death. The poison control center needs to be called immediately in such a situation.

How to get A-PVP Crystal prescription?

Since A-PVP has no legal medical use so no physician would prescribe it for you. You can buy it from our store without a prescription, but we strongly recommend you not to take this drug in huge amounts or on a regular basis as it can lead to addiction and severe consequences.

What is the legal status of A-PVP Crystal?

This is a banned drug in most of the countries, you can send us an email prior to purchase if you care about regulations for your country or state.